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0028355Legion CoreQuests - Draenor / Квесты - Дренорpublic2023-12-08 15:29
ReporterCerenosAssigned ToAlica228 
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Summary0028355: Blackrock Quarry mobs emitting Firelands DoT aura
DescriptionMobs in the Blackrock Quarry area of the Draenor intro quest chain have the aura "Magma Pool" from the Firelands raid

It stacks and quickly kills players that can't heal and/or mitigate the effects immediately.
Steps To ReproduceStart Intro to Draenor quest chain

Reach Blackrock Quarry area

Attempt quests involving Orcs in the quarry
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2023-11-30 08:33

administrator   ~0073738

Good day!
Can you attach screenshot with combatlog? I dont see any overdamage here


2023-12-01 05:30

reporter   ~0073756

Can do when I next have an alt going through the area. The effect appears in the debuff window based upon certain mob density so it's mob related rather than environmental despite what the effect should be, a pool of magma. Low STA alts can very quickly be overwhelmed if enough mobs are nearby and even the 3 allied NPCs you get at one point can be significantly crippled if enough mobs attack them, something which can happen due to the AI having a tendency to aggro too much.


2023-12-05 07:44

administrator   ~0073825

Found the problem with NPC scaling system. Added this case to main report with scaling bugs. Thanks!


2023-12-08 13:27

reporter   ~0073894

It's being caused by the Blackrock Slaghauler mobs in the area. If one of them gets close a single stack of the aforementioned debuff, Magma Pool, will appear, however there appears to be no upper limit on the stacks other than how many mobs are present.

Attached pics:

Fighting 1 mob, 1 stack

Fighting 2 mobs, 2 stacks

NPC fighting 1 mob, also gains a stack

Last 3 attached images are taken over 3 seconds and I have 4 stacks because the mission I was on bugged and didn't spawn any of the bodyguard NPCs there are meant to be, so I figured I would try to find them in case they were stuck in combat. They weren't, they simply didn't spawn at all and only their post mission versions were present after the mission area so "rescuing" them did nothing.

1/3: 4 stacks from 4 mobs, 69% hp

2/3: 4 stacks from 4 mobs, 51% hp 2 seconds later

3/3: 4 stacks from 4 mobs, 37% hp 1 second later

This effect is lethal and there's next to nothing that can be done about it except nuking mobs ASAP from as far away as possible so the aura doesn't kick in. Melee are horrifically disadvantaged by this, especially ones without significant defensive cooldowns and self heals. I was only able to survive by popping 2 of my big 3 defensives which at least still let me move as a Paladin. While something like Ice Block might mitigate the damage for a mage, it will only do so until the Ice Block runs out, and since Mages can't move under that effect the mobs will still be nearby and therefore simply apply the effect[s] again, killing the player.

Additional note: NPCs not spawning correctly during 'The Battle of the Forge'

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2023-12-08 13:29

reporter   ~0073895

Addendum to previous note:

Filenames of last 3 images to indicate timelapse


Format of screenshot filename: Date/Month/Year_Hours/Minutes/Seconds, therefore 1/3 taken at 34 seconds past, 2/3 taken at 36 seconds past, 3/3 taken at 37 seconds past.

Health lost in that timeframe: 32% in 3 seconds from 4 stacks of debuff that inflict damage every 1 second.

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