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0028258Legion CoreQuests - Northrend / Квесты - Нордсколpublic2024-05-31 20:04
ReporterskyfyreAssigned ToNix 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformWindows 11 x64OSOS Version
Summary0028258: Quest: Changing The Wind's Course ID: 13058
DescriptionUse of any ability one-shots the North Wind at high levels, even with all gear removed. you cannot melee the mob, tho this is the suggested way to whittle it down. an event is supposed to happen when the mob is low health that completes the quest. turning your back to the mob lets you take some damage - but not enough to kill you before quest resests
Steps To Reproducetake quest, use lorehammer. use of an ability at lvl 97 one shots mob, cannnot right click melee



2023-11-22 21:38

developer   ~0073639

I checked, attached to the developer

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