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0028223Legion CoreGarrison / Гарнизонpublic2023-11-24 10:40
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Summary0028223: Assault won't trigger and no progress
I'm currently doing Draenor Pathfinder achievement and I'm stuck in "securing Draenor" achievement
The last missive which is "Assault on Shattrath Harbor" doesn't start and there is no progress at all eventhough you kill mobs
can you please fix it?
Character name: Nyzak
Zone: Shattrath Talador in Draenor
achievement: Securing Draenor (Draenor Pathfinder)
Server: Legion x5

Thank you!!


duplicate of 0028249 confirmedAlica228 Не выдаётся локалка в зоне при соблюдении условий 



2023-11-18 02:48


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2023-11-18 13:52

reporter   ~0073571

PS: I talked to GM "Chicken" and he terminated the quest for me but I couldn't have the achievement "securing Draenor"...he also said that the achievement might be disabled


2023-11-20 20:55

updater   ~0073611

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