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0028219Legion CoreInstances / Инстыpublic2023-11-20 21:15
ReporterCerenosAssigned ToAccess 
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Summary0028219: Unable to enter WOD LFR from NPC in garrison
DescriptionSeer Kazel in tier 2 garrisons lets players queue for WOD LFR, however once the "queue" pops any attempt to enter the instance results in being sent to the character selection screen and the character sent to their Hearthstone location.
Steps To ReproduceTalk to Seer Kazel in tier 2 or tier 3 garrisons

Select options for various Hellfire Citadel wings in LFR at the bottom of the listings

Enter when queue pops
Additional InformationUnable to queue at all for first wing of HFC LFR



2023-11-17 06:44

reporter   ~0073539

all works fine


2023-11-17 10:48

administrator   ~0073543

@Cerenos Hello, I couldn't repeat it. Record a video with rega to repeat the bug.


2023-11-19 17:58

reporter   ~0073588

Only seems to happen when the garrison is tier 2. I can enter from an alt with a t3 garrison however attempts on 2 alts with t2 garrisons result in getting kicked to character screen.


2023-11-20 21:15

updater   ~0073613
Подтверждаю, Адский пролом невозможно зарегистрировать, на всех уровнях гарнизона

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