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0025189Legion CoreClasses - Paladin - Паладинpublic2023-04-24 20:34
ReporterAlestaAssigned ToShadowraze 
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
PlatformWindowsOS10OS Versionx32
Summary0025189: [Divine Intervention] talent.
DescriptionHello, I have not checked if any1 other created request for this issue. So, basically, the buble is not procing 100%.
This week more than 3 times, my buble did not proc after getting final blow in arena. In PVE it seems to be fine. In PvP even today the buble did not proc. Like, the talent seems to be not working at certain ocassions. So basically you die after getting final blow. I mean, I was not kicked, I had no forberance from Blessing of Protection.
Steps To ReproduceFix the talent, to proc properly.
Additional InformationThis talent is the most used in pvp. And its wasted as long as you are saving your deffensives to proc buble but it does nothing.



2023-03-23 18:18

updater   ~0067737

Good day!
Can you record a video with the bug?
Failed to repeat.


2023-03-23 20:16

reporter   ~0067743

Hello, I will try it, but not sure if I get it. Its not 100% bug. It happens rarely.


2023-03-28 21:16

reporter   ~0067849

Hello, I have proof of the talent not working. but videos are cropped but still having a lot more MB to upload. Is there any other way I can share it with you ? Some website or ?


2023-03-28 21:21

reporter   ~0067850
I put that on YT.
Hope you can check it there.
Thank you.


2023-04-02 20:10

updater   ~0068000

I'll try to repeat the bug, as I repeat, I'll unsubscribe.

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