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0025096Legion CoreQuests - Outland / Квесты - Запредельеpublic2023-03-20 19:44
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PlatformWindowsOS10OS Versionx64
Summary0025096: Quest: Tokens of the descendants
DescriptionHello, I have completed every quest to get this one. After several times checking multiple guides, the last and repeatable quest is not given. This quest allow us to summon a NPC Terokk, which drops some nice stuff.
May I get this quest on character so I can proceed please?
Steps To ReproduceAdd quest to the questline + by situation add quest to player I gave information down to additional informations.
Additional InformationPlayer name: Hyiiama
Realm: Uwow x100


has duplicate 0025172 closedReiTo A quest is not enable 



2023-03-14 17:05

reporter   ~0067484

Hello, what exactly is the problem?


2023-03-15 10:42

reporter   ~0067519

Hello! When I completed a short questline to unlock daily quest, which give is an item to summon rare npc, the quest is not there, like the npc in the cage gives me nothing.


2023-03-16 21:01

reporter   ~0067574

Can you please make a link to the task and the NPC ?


2023-03-16 21:40

reporter   ~0067577

Hello, sure:
NPC quest giver:


2023-03-17 10:31

reporter   ~0067580

Good afternoon. Checked it out. To get a taskкровные-враги you need to make a chain of tasks that the subject startsальманах-ишааля which falls from the NPCжрец-когтя-ишааль . After that, you will open the tasks at the NPCsхаззик . For the task that you specified, you need to collect 40 itemsзатерянный-во-времени-свиток and use them to summon four npcs to complete the task. Is that how you did everything?


2023-03-18 21:26

reporter   ~0067622

Hello, as far as I know I did everything. Still the book is not dropping from npcs. So I am stuck right now. No quests and no item drop. I hope I udnerstood well. The questline and other things of course.


2023-03-18 21:59

reporter   ~0067625

So the almanac does not have a 100% chance of receiving


2023-03-18 22:12

reporter   ~0067626

I see. I know where is the problem. The quest was made by my GF. She did not tell me, she tried to kill the main npc for it. She was just killing other npcs. So, basically, I am farming the npc with book. I will see if that drops and let you know! seeing the book has 15% chance to drop.


2023-03-18 22:18

reporter   ~0067627

So after 15x killing the npc, book finally dropped. Anyways thank you for help and answers. Finally got solution for this messy questline! Section might be closed as resolved.

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