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0020628Legion CoreOther bugs / Остальноеpublic2022-06-23 00:16
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PlatformWindowsOS10OS Versionx64
Summary0020628: Recruit a friend BUG
DescriptionI have recruited four friends, with the first two we have the benefits of recruit xp, but with the last two the buff does not work. I think the recruit link may have been bugged, or maybe the game is limiting the amount of recruitable characters.

This only happens with my last two recruits, I already verified this situation by taking the characters to a dungeon. Sometimes in the combat log the game reports that the total xp bonus is 0, and other times nothing comes up.
Additional Informationот тестера
не работает множитесь в группе из 5 игроков.



2022-06-14 13:08

updater   ~0057843

hello. Are you talking about invite a friend?


2022-06-14 19:13

reporter   ~0057847

yes , i took some screenshots about this problem. My friend is Qmoon, i invited him about 2 weeks ago, we tried to level up two toons and the problem happened with both

Screenshot_6.png (619,112 bytes)
Screenshot_7.png (724,422 bytes)

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