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0017724Legion CoreClasses - Warlock - Чернокнижникpublic2022-05-13 22:30
ReporterbreakingmykeyboardwheninfernalafkAssigned ToSlam 
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PlatformWindowsOS10OS Versionx64
Summary0017724: Infernals AFK (Destro)
Description'Summon Infernal' on destruction warlock with 'Lord of Flames' golden trait do not attack their target most of the time.

The problem seems to be that they are too far from melee range, but they think they are not so instead of moving closer to the target they just afk and do no damage.
If tank moves the boss that might fix it sometimes if you get lucky and they get closer to boss. Some bosses have smaller hitboxes and on those it happens more often.

Also pets get feared when they should be immune to fear. For example on first boss in maw of souls or first boss in black rook hold.

Same issue happens on affliction with 'Grimoire of Supremacy' talent. If doomguard pet is too far from the target it will not move closer and instead it will stand there doing no damage.

Possible fixes:
 - Increase melee range of infernal pets
 - Make pets immune to fear
 - Make pets stay closer to their target

Thank you.



2022-01-18 15:02


infernal afk.png (928,412 bytes)


2022-01-18 15:02

reporter   ~0052194

screenshot of pets not attacking (too far from boss and not moving closer)


2022-01-18 15:14

reporter   ~0052195

screenshot of pets getting feared (also getting sleep/fear in other dungeons) they should be immune

infernal getting cced.png (1,109,978 bytes)


2022-03-23 20:54

reporter   ~0054058

your mother


2022-03-23 22:01

reporter   ~0054062

This bug also appears sometimes with the spawned elementals from elemental shamans. Even the one spawned by the artifact weapon.


2022-04-27 22:27

reporter   ~0055553

Still happening for me


2022-05-08 19:24

reporter   ~0056118



2022-05-10 20:48

developer   ~0056230

This issue should be solved after next update. All pets can autoattacks and use melee abilities. If not, give me that spells which still have a problems.
About fears. Create a new topic if you sure about that summons should have immune to fear effects.

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