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Summary0015097: Legendary Drop chance is not right here.
DescriptionI know that its hard to show proof but I will try to include all proof I have, because I'm 100% sure that it doesn't work like retail.

On this server you need almost 4 months to get all legendaries if you play every day and get maximum essences each week. this should not be the case.

So basically. I'm playing here after I played Legion on other servers, but most importantly I played on Retail during Legion.
I am quite sure that during patch 7.3.X on retail you got your legendary drops for the first 2 legendaries really fast. For example.

When you get to lvl 110 on Retail during 7.3.2 you got your first legendary drop after a few Raid bosses or 1-5 M+ keys. World bosses and Invasion points gave a lot of credit for legendary drop chance. Worldquests, especially where you kill 1 elite mob gave a lot aswell.

Here, people are playing for more than a month, kill antorus normal and heroic for example, full clear (22 looted bosses) each week and did more than 5 m+keys(per week) and every invasion point and all elite world quests every day on argus and havent seen a single drop yet.
Also you should have different bad luck protection for each specialisation.!!
This somehow ruins the fun to play new spec or characters because you need so long to get your best legendaries or the ones you want to play if you are unlucky.

Please check all links in Additional information.
I ask for all players/testers that played retail on patch 7.3 and read this to give their opinion.
Steps To ReproduceThere are no steps, Its just me and guildies who played retail and play here now for months that see a big difference.
Additional Informationthis one shows the increase in legendary drop per week *with* essences, but you can count that he has 6 legendaries per month (2 normal drop and 4 bought with essences) and this is a character that already has 10+ legendaries for different specs specs because sephuz and ekowraith.

next is a video guide for new characters, he says at mutliple in video how he gets mutliple legendaries a week, and how in LFR there is a lot of legendary drops (new characters would often do this LFR in retail, you get to 110 lvl, equip BoE items and queue for LFR and get legendary and item sets) (This is just a "how it felt on retail" graph, nothing accurate because blizz never gave us the real numbers..)
This is how it felt like on Retail, this is like your first raidboss or m+ after getting to lvl 110 (lootable I think if you kill a boss you already got loot this week it doesnt increase) and after the next kill, or worldquest or m+ you had 1% more on all of them, then it is like 26%,16%, 8%, 6%,4%,2%, ect ect.

And if you look at the wowhead guide
here you see a detailed description about how the specialisation legendary drop changes. If frost mage drops 2 frost only legendaries, and then changes to fire his bad luck protection should be like he has no legendaries, but if he loots universal legendaries then it counts.

AND, buying a legendary with essences, crafting one with proffesion or looting amanthuls Vision from Argus boss should NOT impact bad luck protection

you can see that the Wakening essences drop from emisary cache is 24-42 on this server its 24-52, but please change this only if you fix the drop chance :)



2021-06-03 00:46

reporter   ~0045326

No idea what your problem is then I actualy farmed legendaries I got atleast 2 per week.


2021-06-03 13:03

administrator   ~0045331

Good day!
Its hard to test this case, but here's what I'll say:
When I tested loot from bosses, I got 4 legendaries for 300-350 kills
When I made a new character, I received the first legendary in the first two weeks
Maybe there is an problem compared to the official servers, but we tried to minimize as little as possible


2021-06-07 15:39

reporter   ~0045471

@BraveP: So basically, your answer gives back no proper feedback to the specific point I wrote about. I didn't say that there is no way a character can get 2 legendaries a week. You didn't even include more Information how you got it. How often that happened with new characters you had. At what point did that happen? Was it your first two legendaries, or somewhere further down the road, lets say the 8th and 9th? Also I would like to know your experience at playing on Retail during 7.3.x. How much characters did you have there, and when did you get your legendaries there.
Let me repeat what I said in the Post. I said, the FIRST and SECOND legendary droprate doesn't seem like the one that was on Retail during 7.3.2/7.3.5. During Retail Patch 7.3. when you leveled up a new character, you had multiple content options to go for: LFR Raid, non-LFR Raid, M+, PvP, World quests, Invasion Points.
Pretty much all characters got their First legendary after 0-3 days after getting to lvl 110 and the second one after 4-7 days.
For example, ( I leveled up New 4 characters during Retail 7.3, the first on, the first was a druid tank, I geared him with world quest gear only and got a legendary the second day from my 4th emissary cache, my vengeance demon hunter went to LFR raid after world quest gear and got legendary from first wing, 1st day after lvling to 110. My shaman needed 1 mythic+ dungeon. My hunter needed 3 days for first legendary invasion point and so on. My friends that played Retail with me also confirmed that their fresh characters got their first legendary after the first m+ key.

@Alica228: Thanks for the Answer and feedback. I think that the legendary drop rate for later legendaries (5+) is totally fine, but i think that the first 4? legendaries don't have an increased dropchance like Retail did. I feel like on this server it doesn't matter if you have 0 Legendaries or 20, your chance to get one is the same. But the first 2 especially should drop really fast and 3rd and 4th should be slower but not as slow as if you own more than 5.
For example stats from ,y character here on this server.
I got my first legendary after:
- 32 Emissary Cache (daily 4 worldquests)
- 103 Raid boss kills
- 30 Completed M+ Keys
- 27 Daily Random Heroic dungeon
- 25 BG wins
- 278 World Quests
- 12 Invasion Points
on Retail this is enough for 4 legendary drops.
On Retail you were really unlucky if you didn't first legendary on fresh character after 5 days. Here you are really lucky if you get it after 7 days.

I also want to remember the different Bad Luck Protection at the beginning for different specs. I'm not sure if that one works properly. But I will test it more in the next weeks.

I look for more feedback from players or testers. Thanks in advance


2021-06-07 17:37

reporter   ~0045478

Hello. You have voiced an interesting question - the dependence of the luck of an individual character on the number of letters in the name and the phase of the moon. The statistics for my characters on these servers looks something like this:

Characters - five characters were created three years ago on 7.2, five characters on 7.3.5 right after the servers were transferred to this update (2 years ago), five characters were created no more than 6 months.

raids, bg, keys - are excluded from consideration and do not affect statistics - for three years of play, no more than 100 in total on all characters (for technical reasons, I cannot participate in these events).

in the first group, 1 legendary item was obtained in a drop from the world boss, everything else was bought for essences.
in the second group, Legendaries dropped from the first Silver boss of the Broken Shore on two characters. the rest of the legendaries did not fall out of nowhere, only purchase for essences.
the third group - on three characters, the first two legendaries were obtained from the emissary's chests and silver bosses, within a month after gaining 110 level. on two more characters, the legendaries have not fallen out of nowhere, they are wearing something crafted, something bought for essences.

It is clear that the statistics do not cover the most interesting positions of the sources, but I see that in equal conditions (the time played and the level of reputation (local and emissary tasks), at 7.2 legendaries had a low chance of getting from the indicated sources, with the transition to 7.3.5 the situation began to improve, but about three months ago, my newest characters stopped receiving legendaries from these sources.In addition, at the same time, the number of entities from the emissary's chests decreased sharply (previously - 30-56, now often 27-31 from each of the three chests opened on the same day).

Perhaps my information will be useful to this or that side of the discussion.


2021-06-07 18:51

reporter   ~0045484

@Karmadon: Hello back. Thanks for the info.


2021-06-11 13:51

administrator   ~0045616

You may be right. But I recently asked developers to raise the chance for legendary items and they did it. I don't think they will do it again.


2021-06-12 23:00

reporter   ~0045650

Dude, players must donate to make private server alive. Donate... ehm... legandaries, for example. You know what I mean?))

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