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0015065Legion CoreQuests - Draenor / Квесты - Дренорpublic2021-06-11 13:42
ReportercaidadelbalconAssigned ToAlica228 
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Summary0015065: Citadel WoD level #1 / #2 / #3
DescriptionGood morning: the problem is that I raised my citadel to level 3 and when I did the stables npc disappeared and in the mine level 1 the mines are appearing and disappearing, in level 2 the new tunnels to mines cannot be accessed and in At level 3 absolutely all the minerals disappeared in their entirety and in all the buildings when you place 1 follower on the command table they also disappear when you re-enter the game, finally, the AUCHINDOUN dungeon in all its modes cannot be access the final boss, all entrances are closed and the only way to exit is to create group and leave it to exit automatically And when the demon hunter travels from dalaran to his class headquarters the entrance or portal disappears ... that would be almost all thanks and sorry for the problem.


duplicate of 0014974 confirmedAlica228 Малые постройки третьего уровня не заселены (дополняется) 
duplicate of 0007970 confirmedSheamus Уровень гарнизона у Орды и фазовые мутации местности. 



2021-06-02 14:11

administrator   ~0045307

About buildings, there about 70-80% buildings are not implemented:
About mine here:
About Auchindon, did you mean this?

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