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0014995Legion CoreProfessions / Профессииpublic2021-06-11 13:40
ReporterTwerkfortankAssigned ToAlica228 
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Summary0014995: Test kitchen results are not clickable
DescriptionHey, after giving nomi some mats for the cooking research recipes. the table isnt clickable.
but its glowing, like it should be :(

Need some help pls .



2021-05-23 02:36

reporter   ~0044997

Hello. Nomi is the worst NPC in the game. It burns a bunch of ingredients and returns all the trash.
some influence on the occurrence of the bug you indicated is due to the peculiarities of the implementation of Nomi's orders on this server. Each completed order is accompanied by a receipt - an item that goes into the player's inventory. And if you make several orders (up to 24), and do not pick up ready-made orders for some time, then when many orders are ready, Nomi's order table (as a container) will contain the result of order execution: recipes, ingredients, burnt food. And as an addition - from one to 24 receipts for order fulfillment. Moreover, each receipt will occupy one inventory slot. What this leads to - the order table cannot place all the items in the player's inventory and simply does not open. What can be done - free up a sufficient number of inventory slots - conditionally (number of orders + 10 slots). Also, according to unverified data, a certain number of free cells should be in the first non-removable inventory bag (backpack).
Basically, empty your inventory and try to get Nomi's orders again.


2021-05-26 00:03

administrator   ~0045094

Good day!
This system is pretty bugged. The time varies with the number of orders. Judging by the date of the topic, it should have already passed.

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