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0014702Legion CoreGarnisons / Гарнизонpublic2021-09-20 22:10
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Summary0014702: mine in garrison
Descriptionquest for mine in garrison id num 34192 is not working plz fix thank you have a nice day


duplicate of 0007970 confirmedSheamus Уровень гарнизона у Орды и фазовые мутации местности. 



2021-09-10 18:51

administrator   ~0048299

Good day!


2021-09-10 20:53

reporter   ~0048303

Hi. The related problem describes the problem of phasing a mine and ore nodes at different garrison levels. The quest that opens access to the mine should be available after upgrading the garrison to the second level. At the first level, the phasing of the garrison can get lost and the entrance to the mine can open arbitrarily. Also, in rare cases, a quest in the first level garrison may be available. But the mobs for this quest will of course be absent.

Make a clarification - to which faction your character belongs, what level of the garrison your character is built and how exactly the quest does not work.

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