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0009639Legion CoreOther bugs / Остальноеpublic2020-04-11 01:33
ReporterOneMadPenguinAssigned Tomakcimys93 
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Summary0009639: "You can't use that here" for all mounts everywhere.
DescriptionTwo of my characters are stuck walking.
After a client crash attempts to mount fail.
Red text message "you can't use that here".
"Fixing" char does not change this.
Steps To ReproduceUnknown
Additional InformationTry driving either of my "permawalkers" named Voidwalker and Bughunter.



2020-04-09 13:41

updater   ~0027655

Fix character, clean cache.

A player from your server should give you a group


2020-04-09 18:37

reporter   ~0027691

I've done the delete & fix before, and again just now.
This does not cure the "Permawalker" bug.

I don't know what you mean to "give me a group". I invited a player to form a group, agreed, but being in a group had no effect on the "Permawalker" status. No change after disbanding.

It is as if I'm permanently considered "indoors". Going in & out does not clear this.

Hoping for help!


2020-04-09 18:41

reporter   ~0027692

Follow-up: going inside and attempting to mount gives message "you can only use outside".
Going outside and trying to mount still gives "You can't use that here".


2020-04-10 00:10

updater   ~0027728

what server are you playing on?


2020-04-10 01:13

reporter   ~0027737

Argus x1.
Voidwalker got mail from an unknown name (cyrillic, guessing Russian).
Upon opening the mailbox, there was no mail item.
However, immediately afterwards, Voidwalker could again ride.

I switched to Bughunter (stuck in Gilneas), and saw mail from the same cyrillic name. I could not open the mailbox because (it appears) there is no mailbox in all of Gilneas. (What LOOKS like a mailbox in the last section of the city, is not active as a mailbox.)


2020-04-10 03:26

reporter   ~0027745

Got to the mailbox in the starting area, opened mail, still can't mount. Dunno why mail was from a Cyrillic name when what WAS in the mail was from my other character.
So: Why can Voidwalker now mount, while Bughunter can't?
And How do I get Bughunter out of Gilenas? (all quest chain done, but "fix" put me back in Gilneas because I didn't have an Inn selected elsewhere).


2020-04-10 08:12

reporter   ~0027761

Escape from Gilneas. Post a request for help on the forum and ask the gamemaster to move the character to the capital of the faction.


2020-04-10 08:20

reporter   ~0027762

I don’t know what the tester advised you, but I’m interested in the following question - your two characters - what level did the characters get and did they learn the skill at level 20, and others at level 40, 60?


2020-04-10 16:56

reporter   ~0027787

Both are Worgen
Voidwalker is a Warlock (49), while Bughunter is a Priest (27).
Both hit level 20 and got "apprentice riding" automagically" No visit to a trainer nor cost required.
(Voidwalker got "Journeyman riding" automagically).
Both mounted and rode their beasts until they became "permawalker".
There is no warning nor apparent cause why they became "permawalker".
There is no reason known why Voidwalker regained riding ability.


2020-04-10 21:29

reporter   ~0027800

В общем не знаю, новую тему создавать или вы мне разъясните политику партии?
Сделал по быстрому воргена, стартовая цепочка дала 25 лвл.
И таки да, на 20м лвле автоматически выдало сразу два скила - на 60% и на 100% по земле. Ппц какие воргены хитроделанные.

На скрине - аудиенция у летного инструктора. 25 лвл, выучены два уровня покатушек. Голд естественно не снимался - откуда у свежесозданного чара голд? За всю цепочку набралось чуть меньше 2г.

WoWScrnShot_041020_212017.jpg (554,313 bytes)


2020-04-11 01:31

updater   ~0027821

Last edited: 2020-04-11 01:32

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Karmadon проверю если баг есть передам разработчику, либо если хотите напишите еще репорт.
А у игрока я думал случился баг что нельзя использовать маунта такое бывает у персонажей аргуса и епика из за кросса он не работает если им кинет игрок пати с их сервера все разбагается.


2020-04-11 01:33

updater   ~0027822

I accept your bug

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