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0009367Legion CoreClass Halls / Оплоты и артефактыpublic2020-03-26 18:42
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Summary0009367: Can not proceed with Frost Mage Artifact Questline
DescriptionThe quest "Daio the Decrepit" which sends you to the NPC with the same name in Blasted Lands to complete his challenges where he summons imps is impossible to finish because the quest is given to you at level 101, but the imps he spawns are level 110, thus they kill you in a second.
Steps To ReproduceReceive "Daio the Decrepit" quest from Meryl.
Go to Daio the Decrepit in the Blasted Lands.

There will already be imps spawned next to him probably (this is buggy too).
If not, talk to him to begin his challenge to spawn the imps.

The imps are level 110 -> you die.
Additional Informationот тестера 110 уровня и много бьют

пруф что должны скалироваться


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