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0029459Legion CoreGeneralpublic2024-03-28 07:12
ReporterTheMadPEnguinAssigned Toblackmanos 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformUnixOSAllOS Versionx64
Summary0029459: Minions can't attack in mists area (some cases)
DescriptionDiscovered for Warlock and Hunter:
1: Ride into mist area (so minion is not active)
2: Dismount (so minion materializes)
3: Attack any Seaweed Norseman Mob in mist area
Minion makes motion towards mob, then returns to your side promptly without having attacked mob. YOU must fight/kill mob on your own.
4: Dismiss and re-summon minion while in the mists and try again
Same result
5: walk out of mist area, have minion deployed, and walk back into mist area, and try again.
Minion attacks as normal.
"It's just a phase he's going through" said his mother.....


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