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0025780Legion CoreGeneralpublic2024-07-10 08:54
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PlatformWindowsOS10OS Versionx64
Summary0025780: Multiple instances Cyrilic instead of English text (English is selected language)
Description1: upon first entry through the Dark Portal to Draenor, Khadgar stands at the top of the stairs saying "We're all counting on you <name "Aeedzhin"(?) in Cyrillic>"
2: Quest "Azeroth's Last Stand" quest=35933 upon looting the letter a quest completion box appears in the Quests list; upon clicking a quest completion text box opens; Caption is in English but the text is Cyrillic.
3: Quest "New Goods" quest=38408 When I click on Sgt Crowler, a "click to complete" object appears at the top of the Quests pane, upper right corner. Clicking on that opens a text object captioned "New Goods". Text is in Cyrillic. Should be English. Quest completes. Nothing has changed; not sure why this quest exists.
4: Scout Valdez in Town Hall, Garrison level 2+, says "$gsir:Ma'am:, I have some recent threats sketched out on the map here whenever you're ready." This is a script error. When I click on his "war map" ALL text is Cyrillic.
5: Quest The Clarity Elixir quest=33076 When I loot the swamplighter dust, the chat box shows "You receive loot [cyrillic text]". Also the large white flower is in Cyrillic in the quest description, on the item in game, and in inventory after picking it.
6: Quest Going Undercover quest=33080 Amulet that gives Orc disguise has name in Cyrilllic.
7: Quest A Grandmother's Remedy quest=33077 Every time I gently squeeze a toad, I get a "You create [text is cyrillic]" in the chat box, and the item in my inventory (upon mouseover) shows all cyrillic.
8: Quest The Fate of Karabor quest=33059 the Clarity Elixir mouseover in inventory is in Cyrillic
9: Quest Across the Stars quest=33795 completes, but, reward is text in Cyrillic about objects whose mouseover is Cyrillic (object appears to be 5 scroll-like objects) which vanish from my inventory.
10: Quest Father and Son quest=36311 text is Cyrillic. When I find the son "Duna" his speech/text is Cyrillic
11: Quest The Masks We Wear quest=41834: When I get to Ly'leth Lunastre, and click to open the quest completion dialog, the text is in Cyrillic.
12: Quest All Due Respect quest=35636 when I loot the corpse of Syth, whatever I get the text is Cyrillic. When I hand it to Reshad it's a feather with description in Cyrillic.
13: Telaari Station quest "A Choice to Make" quest=34769 the drafting table allow choice of tank of corral. ALL text is in Cyrillic. Upon completion, Rangari D'kaan says "The tankworks is built..." but I chose the corral.
14: When killing felblood Warlocks around Argosh the Destroyer npc=91871, the cry-out is in Cyrillic.

There are doubtless dozens more throughout the mod.


related to 0026033 closed Quest "A Choice to Make" quest=34769 bug 
related to 0030239 confirmedAlica228 Маски, за которыми мы скрываем лица (41834) 


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